Monday, April 5, 2010

Blog World

I have been blogging since the year of 2006. I still use the same platform as I use today which is blogger. I find it easy to use and interesting.

I have a couple of blog which some of it I had to turn it into private blog due to the sensitivity and severity of the blog itself. I don't want to create any false statement or misunderstanding between my friends. It has happened before and believe me its ugly.

Right now I only making this blog as simple as possible. I just want to get my message cross. No fancy banner. No giant pictures. So people can just come and straight away read what I have to offer.

Don't ask me if you want to read my private blog. It is after all private. So I won't allow people to read it except to the selected few.

Thank you for visiting and do keep on reading my blog. I know its a little bit boring as I don't really know how to type with bombastic words. =)


Little Crown Prince said...

simple is always in trend. ^^

W. Hidney said...

no need those bombastic words... u r a fine blogger

AmeZac said...

Little Crown Prince: yup. I find it easier for reader.

W.Hidney: thank you.. :D

ikanbilis said...

i never get bored. its a favorite, in fact!

AmeZac said...

ikanbilis: thanks..

dheepan said...

i love ur travel stories because i nv really travelled before, unless you count Genting in. The stories helps me to visualize the places and keep my hopes high, that one day i will visit these places also.

so keep writing, yeah. =)

AmeZac said...

dheepan: don't worry.. someday you will be travelling more than I am.. ;)