Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Better Seat Vs Better Room

When we talk about travelling there are a lot of things to be plan about. So many things need to be discuss and budget is always the main concern as most people prefer to travel on a light budget in comparison to high budget travel.

So basically right now I am talking about what to choose when travelling abroad via airplane. The thing is for me I always feel travel by plane is still as luxurious as it was years back when the first plane took off. Not everyone can travel by plane as sometime the fare can be expensive even for a short distance trip. I love to travel on Business Class or First Class if available but money always seem to be the problem. The cost for these seat can be as much as 10x the cost from normal Economy Class fare. So I don't think it is wise to pay that much of money for a single trip. Long flight can be consider but short flight for example a 45 minutes flight can be a waste of money. If you have a lot of money and don't know how to use it you can always bank it into my account. Thank you.

I was told by a friend, paying big amount of money for a plane trip is not really worth the money at all. It is better for you to spend it on a nice room in the hotel. When I think about it again, I guess he was right after all. I believe, a comfortable hotel room is more better and nicer than a seat in the plane. I can actually pay for a nice suite for the amount of money if I were to pay for a Business Class seat. Why not spend on the ground than on the air when it lasted for only 20 hours maximum?

So from now on, I think I will be travelling on Economy Class unless there is a great offer from the airline for the upgrade of the seat. I will spend more on the hotel room and be more comfortable staying as I am most likely will be staying for more that one night normally. Plus, if I am lucky enough, the hotel normally will upgrade me for free to a better and bigger room.

Well you decide which one you like the most...

Better Seat or Better Room?


Farz said...

its an ultimate flying experience to get an opportunity to fly on either Biz / 1st Class. simply luxurious but if were to make a comparison in terms of budget or worthy, obviously it will be better to spend maybe RM16k (per pax for flight biz class) for a nice 5 star hotel suite throughout the holiday rather than dumping it all on flights. It all depends on individual preferences / affordability. If u have excess $$, why not. Spend wisely... Go for what u Need then only what u want..

W. Hidney said...

good choice. you've now part of non-novice traveler. welcome to the club boy

Evann said...

Climb your way to the top and you'll get free 1st class ticket anyway. Plus, don't you only pay 10% for air-fares with MAS?

But yeah, never thought of that. I guess I'd go for the luxury room. :)