Monday, January 4, 2010

Maxis One Club

Let see now. I received a mail from Maxis today and it is not my phone bill. It is actually a club invitation by them. I have no idea about it at all until I opened and read it. Maxis now is offering a privilege club for its selected customer. You must be invited to join the club.

How do they choose their member?

Well. From the T&C, they have two type membership - Elite and Select. Both required a minimum usage of RM1000 and RM150 per month for one year with good credit history and no call barring. It is FREE.

What do they offer?

Personally, I think they offering quite a lot of good discounts, services and privileges. Priority call made to their call centre. They even have Concierge Service to assist on:

1. Travel Informantion & Assistance
2. Entertainment Assistance
3. Gift Assistance
4. Business Services
5. Domestic Medical Assistance
6. Automobile Assistance
7. Home Assistance
8. Additional Assistance

Selected privileges such as:

1. Exclusive Invitations
2. Birthday Treat
3. Maxis Specials
4. Maxis Rewards

Post Sriptum: I thought Maxis CS always pick up my call immediately without me waiting since ages ago also.

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