Thursday, January 28, 2010

Birthday Treat

Once a year I will pick one person and that person will have the privileged of receiving gift from me worth more than RM1000. It just my way to make people happy actually.

I am not a gift type of person. So normally, I won't give out any gift to people except my loves one. However, exception is given to one person per year and I will always do what ever it take to make it the best present ever.

This year quota had been used. So to my fellow friends, you have to wait next year for the random pick again. If you get it than you will know about it. Cheers

December 2008 - Wii
May 2009 - Nokia E52
January 2010 - Krabi Trip (Flight + Hotel + Expenses)
??? 2011 - ???


dheepan said...

fuyoooh jelesnya. nak jugak~ nak jugak~ ahaks~!

Evann said...

wahlau! o.O

AmeZac said...

dheepan: hmm...

Evann: its only once a year.. so if divide by 12 months u get average of rm85/mo.. :P

aidie said...

Ok, now I understand why i got the flight tickets!!May God bless u and grant all ur wishes dear!!

aidie said...

Now i know why i got the air tickets then.May God bless u and grant all ur wishes,dear!!