Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hospitalized Follow Up

Date: 25.01.2010 - 26.01.2010

For the thousand times. I really hate needle. Still I have no choice but to endure it as they need to inject me with some contra in order for the doctor to be able to look into my blood vein clearly.

I am again admitted to the hospital. This time is not because I am extremely that sick. I need to do my follow up. The three months medical treatment is up and they need to know if the medicine is actually working or not. What other way by looking at the brain directly. Since the problems lies there in the first place.

Didn't I tell you I am on Warfarin? So basically I easily bleed and bruised and boy did I bruised when the nurse did it wrongly. I was laughing actually but then again, I am weird as normally will laugh if I'm in pain. Tricking the brain? Second time the charm.

The scan was only about an hour. A very long boring hour where I just lie down and cannot move at all. It was loud too. Plus I actually had to wait for my turn since I came late and they had to rebook me for the next available slot. I ended up doing it in the afternoon. It's ok. More sleep for me.

Results came out at night but only in the next afternoon the doctor came in and tell me the big news. She wanted to be really sure, so she dropped by in the morning just to informed me that she had to consulted few other radiologist before giving me the final result. I saw it already but I want to know it from her.

In the end, she said I can start working back. They concluded that it just very small and easy to manage with medicine. I was smiling to my ears when I heard about it. I still asked her a lot of question and she gladly answered it to me to reassure me everything was fine. I can see the comparison from the old and latest x-ray shows a lot different and I am happy for it. The pain is still there but I learn how to manage it already and with medicine it should be fine.

Now. Seriously. I need to start studying again? OMG?

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