Friday, January 22, 2010

Euro Trip For Parents

I like to do planning especially travel planning. Right now, I am doing planning for my parents travel to Europe. They wanted to go there and I haven't got the time to check the pricing and stuff. Now, my mom been forcing me to do it fast because she wants to go there next month.

I need to start calling the travel agents and book the flight tickets for both of them pronto. So little time. How to get cheap price in this kind of last minute situation? Plus, my dad now is at Sri Lanka for some meeting and he need to summit his leave also. I think my mom got it covered for that maybe. Let settle this first.

Let see. Which company offers the best and cheapest of all? Headache. I need to do it slowly yet at the same time I need to start calling the travel agents for price quotations. Only after confirmation on the travel date I can book for the flight tickets. Yes, I am buying the flight tickets separately in order for me to get a better or cheaper price for it.

So please pick up that phone NOW !!! ;)

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