Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Time To Start Studying

In about three more weeks I might be able to start working again. I can't wait for it but at the same time I really feels lazy to open back all my manuals and start studying. There are a lot to cover and now it seem like I have little time to do it.

I always am a lazy person. Who said I like to study? I know also that who ever read this blog hate studying too. I wish I have the power of memorising things in just one look/read and it will be stored in the brain forever. I do have high imagination where I imagine that I have a super power by just touching any books and know everything inside it. How cool that will be?

I do have to wake up to the real world eventually. Probably I am going to start next week (lazy bum). I know I am delaying it but seriously I have no mood on reading anything. My brain is still in idle mode. So basically no matter how I read also there not going to be a single information stored in this brain.

Yup. My brain is like computer. So now it need to reboot and that going to take me awhile since it has been on idle for a long time. Perhaps cleanup and defrag need to be done too.

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