Thursday, January 21, 2010

My Mom Got A New Phone

She been asking for it from me for ages. She said people been telling her that her current phone is out of date already. So she demanded me to buy her a new one pronto.

My budget swing up and down for this year but what the heck. If she happy why not. So I went to the phone shop and bought her a simple yet nice and up to date phone. It's a Nokia 5130 XpressMusic. As usual, I enforced my policy of I see, I like, I buy. Which means, the first shop I went in I will just straight away paid for it. With of course after a fierce bargain with the shop keeper.

She need to learn to do it everything by herself. So from opening the cover to putting in the simcard, I guided her through and it was pretty simple and she managed to do it in just one go. The funny part started when she wanted to start using the phone. Its a little bit small for the font even though that was the larger setting we could set, she complaint. She keep pressing the buttons without reading the title and ends up opening applications she doesn't need to. So I told her to do it slowly and read before pressing any button. Once she get the hang of the phone she be alright.

She thought it was touch screen. So sometime she press the screen instead. Now she wants something sophisticated.

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