Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Round And Round We Go

It has been a while since I last rode a bicycle. Lucky for me I still remember how. I had to bring the bicycle from my other house all the way to my parent house since I had been neglecting it for a very long time. I am sure it misses me very much.

Ok. Straight to the point. I was trying to go to the post office and I wanted to try back my skill on cycling. Boy, am I rusty. For the first three kilometre, I was struggling like nobody business. Basically everything is out of the normal. Like oxygen. Where did the oxygen go? After a quick pit stop at the mini mart I regain my energy back (and oxygen) and somehow I manage to handle it normally again. Horray.

Since I am in no rush on going to the post office, I took my very own sweet time to cycle there and ended up arriving in 30 minutes. It was not really that far actually just 3.5km perhaps. Still, I haven't been cycling for a very long time (not a very good excuse isn't it?).

It was fun. I will definitely going to do it again tomorrow. I am going to cycle to the beach next and with my iPod next to me. I won't be bored to death while enjoying the breeze.

Oh ya. I reached home and my door was wide open. Oh shit alright. I did not lock the door. How careless can I be?

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