Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Why Me?

I woke up late this morning. Not to say too late. I just not use to the timing back. So I expect the traffic would be alright with 30 minutes of time in hand. 

Never expect the unexpected. Bloody hell I was 30 minutes late to the office due to the jam. Oh ya. Today is a briefing on safety with almost 40 people attending. I was the center of attention when I walk in as I was the only one who came late. I know right? VVIP.  

To make things even better, I scared I might left my wallet at home. I thought I dropped it so I bravely asked to be excused so I could locate my wallet. True enough it was in between the sofa at home. 

I was late and I misplaced my wallet. A great day to start your work.

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