Friday, January 21, 2011

It's Hard

I hate waking up every morning with a hard on. I mean I know some people said it a good thing because it mean everything is working as it should be. But can it not be every day. 

It kinda painful wor. So like need to wait for damn long too before it die down. So mah fan. 

Faster die. Faster die.


Little Prince said...

CHOI wat faster die... be careful with what you wish for.

Mista DJ Carl said...

life is beautiful bro...
To some, life may be an endless string of challenges, while to others life is a constant source of happiness... so be happy :-)

Ameer Zachery said...

Little prince: Hehehe. But pain lar. My pillow always the victims.

Bintang: yup i am happy.