Sunday, January 9, 2011

So Many Target For 2011 Onward

01. Cut Spending. Since last year I did spend quite a lot. So I guess enough is enough. I have decided to cut down my spending limited to only RM1000 per month for all type of expenses. Can I do it? I have no idea as well but if I didn't try then I won't know would I?

02. Buy Property. I think I want to buy more property. It seem real estate in Malaysia right now is getting more expensive but if I were to buy now I could earn a lot in future. I did bought my first house last year so basically I have rough idea how it works. My lifetime target would be to own 10 residential properties and 5 shop lots. I wonder if I could succeed it. Gambateh!

03. Buy Car. So my mom been asking me to buy new car already this year. In this case my plan would be on July or after I feel I am financially stable. I know what I want but I do keep my option open. My 'current' car had been took over by my dad. So technically I don't have any car own by me myself. I wanted to buy Mazda 2 HB or Mazda 3. Time to save up.

04. Visit Cities. This year I plan to cover at least 5 cities worldwide. Where and when are still on planning stage. Since it is subject to budget and leave approval from the company, we'll see how it goes. Initial planning had been done through my Facebook. So for those who friend list me should able to see it.

05. Finish Training. Soon. I guess. Soon. Haihz.

06. Open Business. I think I want to open business as part time. Joint venture perhaps? I'm not sure yet to whether 100% ownership or partnership. Still thinking on what to do right now. Don't want to think so much on this as it is not my priority right now.

07. Renovate House. I been saving up money to renovate my house at USJ 9. It is an old house but I love the house. I think I would need a lot of money for this. The house would/should be my permanent place. After all, I want it to be perfect or near perfect. So much to plan for this. Right now the house is being rented out until end of 2012 or until I fed up with the renter.

08. Invest. I just increase my investment for ASB to maximum allowable. Die die need to pay a lot since it is still a loan with 8 years term. After calculation, I would profit more as the loan interest is not that high compare to the return. Plus, I do invest in few other investment scheme from CIMB and Maybank. Look promising for CIMB but I still yet to see the return from Maybank.

09. Clear Debt. Due to my spending habit, I use a lot last year. Plus, I got so frustrated with everything and simply swipe my credit cards like nobody business. Don't worry. I hid most of the credit cards already and start spending less now. My target is that I would clear all the debt by end of this year provided I stick to the budget plan. Should be alright.

10. Healthy? I think I am so use to pain I forgot how pain free feels like. Nonetheless,I have been working out at the gym a lot lately and due to my laziness, I hired Personal Trainer to help me reach my goal. So far looking good with some muscle clearly visible already. I'm loving it. My trainer crazy asked me to do six packs but all I wanted is only NO PACK aka slim fit. Hahaha. Ok one pack also can.


Mista DJ Carl said...

seem to new year onwards resolution wannabe..own 10 residential properties and 5 shop lots'-most like it!! and the rennovation of old house... got a sentimental value... worth to.. gambatteh buddy!!

Shake Trees said...

u ah... one pack nasi lemak everyday got la. haha..

Pluboy2 said...

im also getting into a partnership jv to resell back services to my company hahaha..