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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Daddy Day Out

Today, I decided to bring my dad out for shopping. It was planned last week and I asked my mom to remind him about it. As usual she forgot. Lucky dad did not have any plan himself so we can still go.

Basically I did sent him to try for facial. Yup. I just want him to try some facial and see how it goes. He did asked a lot like is it pain? or is it long? So I took the time to answer every single question. It is after all his first time. The facial lasted for hour and a half. With the time I used to spend walking around Midvalley.

For info, the Midvalley Convention Center is having a Chocolate fair until tomorrow. So for Chocolate lover better go and buy until your heart content. I am a Chocolate freak but I decided to NOT buy anything. Cut cost.

After his facial, We both went for lunch. I wanted him to try Korean food to which he decline. He don't like the taste. He end up buying local food instead. Oh well.

We then bought a new phone to replace the old one. He been using it for so long until keypad also already missing. Unfortunately the type that he wanted was discontinued. I don't understand why must they display it if it no longer available for sale. Haih. So he bought something else instead - Nokia C5-03. Not bad phone. Touch screen with 5MP camera. It also has integrated GPS. He still trying to understand the system and usage. Well, surely I need to teach him later.

My dad definitely not a big spender as I am. I have been trying to make him buy some new shoe and new accessories but he decided not to after looking at the price. It's hard to convince him. Maybe I should just buy for him next time and keep the price a secret. Like he didn't know that his birthday watch actually the same price as the TV we just bought. Better that way I guess.

Tired with all the shopping and outing we headed home. Sleepy.


Bintang Prius said...

so sweet to have a daddy day out...
i love this yea...

Lucifer said...

can i be ur daddy plz?

AmeZac said...

Bintang Prius: Hahaha. Yeah.. Once a while.

Lucifer: =.='

Koala Express said...

so gud boy. :P older generations know money hard to earn during their days.

AmeZac said...

Koala: Yeah but now it's time to spend it.