Saturday, January 29, 2011

Traffic Suck

I don't know why our 'beloved' government doesn't want to improve the public transport yet. People nowadays prefer to travel by car just because of the inefficiency of the public transportation. Bad timing. Bad connection. 

I personally would love to use the public transport more if I could as it will definitely save me a lot. But for now car is still the most convenience way to travel fast. 

So due to the hate of the growing traffic jams around the city area, I hear by declare this timing to be out of the question for me to travels out. Do take note it is enforce immediately.


However, if someone willing to drive me instead, the timing will not to be applicable at all. (Hint. Hint.)


Little Prince said...

with that schedule... you might as well just... NOT GO OUT... at all. or go out after 12am ONLY... hahahaha.

Adrian said...

i think, whatever the time is, its always a bad time to drive in KL..haha

- a L E x - said...


Write in to the govt and tell them to lower down taxi price, add more coaches for ktm and be on computerized system, add more stations for lrt xD