Thursday, December 16, 2010

So I Am Pissed

I am kinda pissed with the housemate. Lucky for me the fella is moving out end of this month. So I was told. If not, I will definitely keep asking about it every single day. 

Yesterday, my car was blocked by the housemate's car. How stupid and inconsiderate can someone be just went out to KL without leaving the car key behind. End up I can't move the car. 

Give a call and all the housemate can say is I should arrange something like asking my friend to use their car. After that the housemate switched off the freaking phone not wanting me to call back. 

I just sent a simple SMS. 

"Next time please leave the car key behind if you are going out"

Tried my best to keep my anger within myself. 

End of the month please get out from the house or I'll throw your stuff outside. Thank you.


Danny said...

think of the good side..
now u can count down to the day when u can have the house by yourself :)

REMEMBER said...

oh oh oh oh.. when you are going to throw his stuff... do tell me.. so i can get a popcorn and sit down there..

watch you throw.. so entertaining.. LMAO!!

Shake Trees said...

hsemate? u rent out ur hse room? not enuf $ to use or saving to make babies. oh soli is saving to get married 1st, then make babies. :P

Ameer Zachery said...

Danny: I hope so.

REMEMBER: Hahaha.. Mentang2 we stay near each other. Don't want to let you come. Malu.

Koala: Yup. Long story. I posted it before also. I think you might came across it.