Sunday, December 26, 2010

Housemate Out

As requested and promised, the housemate finally moving out from the house. I didn't know there are a lot of stuff actually belong to the housemate. I rather not argue since I am not sure if it actually belong to the previous (primary) housemate or not. I can always buy a new one I guess.

At the moment there are still a lot of stuff need to be brought out from the house. Given the amount of items, I just let it be. The housemate did requested a week to settle everything out. I don't really mind actually.

After this the house will be all mine (technically) or until I found someone else to live with me. I am not sure whether I should buy the single bed set for the small room now or not (don't ask why). Perhaps I should just wait for awhile.

At the moment I will leave the house messy a little bit. No point of me tidy it up until the housemate fully moved out from the house. At least I know what missing and what need to buy for the house. Plus, I don't really have time for it now. I am working until this Wednesday and the only day I am free is Thursday.

My primary housemate who moved out long ago still paying for the house. I know. He is too kind. I guess we will discuss about it soon since he no longer actually stay here. his stuff and furnitures are still here but he moved out to his old place nearby. Complicated story.

Merry Christmas to all. I'm off to bed.