Friday, December 17, 2010

They Are Back

I haven't got the time to properly announce that my parents are back from Haj. They both are safe and sound.

My dad somehow lost a lot of weight. 8kg to be exact. All his pants doesn't fit him anymore. He ended up having to fold it. Other than that he is healthy.

They finally finished unpacking and right now busy with the daily routine again. So I am technically free from any responsibility of the household as all work had been passed back to my parent.

Somehow, my mom seem to be liking to spend a lot of money lately. I guess her near death experience makes her felt of using it for what ever that make her happy. My dad seem to be on agreement on this as it is beneficial to him and us as well. So I am like her personal shopper at the moment going up and down the mall looking for the things she requested. I love it since it doesn't involve me taking out my money and people treating me nicely. (Since it is quite a large amount of spending.)

My dad birthday is coming up soon. So I decided to give him an early present. I don't think I want to wait since I already have the present with me. So he asked, "Is my new present more expensive than the TV you just bought?". Trying to figure out his present cost. Hahaha. (I ended up buying a new TV for them also)

This weekend I'll be off to my parent's house to bring back and set up all their new gadgets and things. I wonder if they going to asked me to shop more. :)

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