Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Blood Sucker

I hate TV series. I end up addicted to it. There goes my study I guess. Must finish the series. No. Must stop watching.

Ok. Ok. Right now I am watching the Vampire Diaries. We talking about the legend here people. Vampire, Werewolf and Witch. Make believe 'creature'. Or are they real?

I always wanted to be a Vampire. Yeah, I know its lame but I feel they are cool. Live forever (until you get killed).Still, with my brain who love to think a lot I keep asking myself a few question. My friend laugh at me when I asked him the question? Try answer for me can?

1. What happen if Vampire drink an infected blood? Ya lor like HIV virus or something? The virus got filter or not in the body. I know they are dead already. So how?

2. Can Vampire fly across the ocean? So nice right? No need buy flight ticket to travel like that. If I were a Vampire I still fly because I love airplane.

3. How in the world Vampire always have money for everything? They like very rich. So nice right? I know they can control human brain but they can't control everyone right? It must be exhausting thing to do.

4. Why Vampire very hot and pretty? They very picky right choosing who would be Vampire. So I think I'm hot enough. Hehehe. Tummy part can make one. I got few hundred year to build up. Plus drinking blood as the only diet sure help a lot.

I think thats about it for now. Help explain Vampire expert. I owe you 4.

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