Saturday, December 18, 2010

Harvey Norman Midvalley

I just wanted to share my experience with everyone about my recent trip to Harvey Norman Midvalley.

Well, I was looking for a lot of things lately. To accommodate my mom desire of new gadgets. As I know Harvey Norman is having a SALE at the moment, I decided to go and check on it.

I was actually surprised with the treatment I received from the staff. They are extremely polite and helpful. You can basically ask anything and everything and they will explained it to you until the very detail of it. If they are unsure about the product, they really go about and find out more information on it from their colleagues until you are satisfied with their explanation.

The good thing about Harvey Norman is they are computerized and have a centralized network. so basically they could check on the system on any branches the availability if they do not have it at their branch.

The amazing thing was they really go beyond your expectation. My product were not available at their shop but it is available at other branch. Instead of me going to the other branch, the staff offered to collect it on my behalf so I don't have to trouble myself. They truly are efficient.

On the second case, since I was not able to wait for the item and urgently need it, one of the staff voluntarily helped me at his expense to deliver it to my house. Who does that right?

Hence, because of their excellent and outstanding service, I do enjoyed my shopping at Harvey Norman. I am recommending it to my friends as well to drop by at their branch in Midvalley particularly and experience it for yourself. You won't regret it indefinitely.

Kudos to the staff of Harvey Norman Midvalley.

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