Thursday, September 2, 2010

Soon Is My Birthday

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My birthday is coming up real soon. I am getting older day by day. Sometimes I wish I were young again so I don't have to think and decide about anything on my own.

Life was never that easy. At least mine is or perhaps I just like to make it complicated than it should be.

I was tested with a lot of sickness and sometimes I do feel like giving up and let my sickness take over and be done with it. But giving up is just something so stupid. So I keep reminding myself of the other people who sacrifice their time and love to make me better especially my mom and my attending doctor. I am sure they will feel really sad if I were gone.

I am not sure what I had achive so far. I don't know if what I had is enough for me. After my long sickness, I stop thinking about the future and only think about the present on what I have right now. The future is always changing but the present is what really happening.

Yeah. I got my own house, my own car, great job, ample of investment money at this young age but still I feel like something is missing. I felt empty at times. However, I don't know how to fill those void.

The only things that makes me to keep on going now is my mother who always concern about me and a friend who contantly cheering me up everyday so I could put a smile on my face.

So yeah. My birthday is coming soon and I am getting older.


Mr.D said...

this calls for a celebration!

any party ? :P

Danny said...

oh.. another september baby huh?
just enjoy everyday la.. cheers :)

savante said...

If I've learned anything at work, it's that you should celebrate every day :)

Ameer Zachery said...

Hidney: Well I don't think about that lar. I want to try and enjoy my single life first

Mr.D: No. Celebration this year as far as I know. I will be away during my birthday.

Danny: Yeah. I know a lot of Sept babies like me too. ;)

Savante: Getting back up will require a lot of effort. But I'm trying so I won't go down again. Maybe it just not my year.