Thursday, September 23, 2010

Plan Is Just A Plan

Yesterday was really a tiring day for me. I wanted to do things fast so I could get back to work but unfortunately for me plan can as always stay as plan.

As usual with the waking up early in the morning (530am to be exact), I had to leave the house pretty much more early. I had to drive myself to the hospital to set and discuss about the operation date and procedure which going to be done to me.

So the operation is set to next week Friday at 4pm. The procedure call for a longer time as this time a scope will be put in all the way to the kidney amd dig out any remaining stone in it. It would be a bit more painful after the surgery when I wakes up but somehow I just smile and felt excited about it. Immune I guess.

Then with the supposely spare time I managed to go to the post office and post some documents to someone. (You will get it next week or the week after if they didn't lose it again I guess)

Settled changing the internet line for the newly moved house. It seem that two weeks minimums are required for the new installation/transfering and a "few" more RM need to be fork out. Money for everything nowadays.

So the only thing left was the furniture which need to be assemble by the handyman. Haih. So unprofesional of them as they are two hours late. By the time everything was done it is already too late for me to go back to work. No choice but to skip for the day.

Haih. Tired wei if like this all the time.

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Shake Trees said...

2 wks for internet. msia boleh. if ur body is tired, get more nutrition n rest. if mentally, dont force urself. money wise, dont rob the bank. :P

Mr.D said...

u need tongkat ali