Thursday, September 9, 2010

Come See What Inside My Bum Equipment

I am talking about my wallet actually. Since I am out of idea what to blog, so I guess this will do for now. It just for fun ok. Sure got people do this stuff also.

So here is my wallet. It is black and it just nice for me as it has a lot of cards compartment. Me love. I have it for more than a year already. Still very good in quality. Oh ya, don't believe what you see right now in it. Later you know why.

So what in it?

1. Credit cards. The last five remaining credit cards. If you know about my credit cards obsession last time, you would realize this actually a little.

2. Bankcards. I have a few actually but I forgot where I keep the rest but this three are the important one as I always withdraw my money from this banks.

3. Business cards. It a mix of my as well as other people as well. I like to keep it for my reference. It a way of me expending my connections.

4. Other cards. Such as membership card, insurance, point and many more. (Gosh I have no idea what to put for this one)

5. Money. See I told you already don't believe what you see. It actually RM1 notes and lots of it. Well, I do also have few international currency with me as I don't want to misplace it again. I lost more than RM2000 worth of international currency last time. That a lot wei.

So thats about it. I know it's a boring post. So bite me. ;)


RAWNA said...

banyaknya kad!

Shake Trees said...

wow 20,000. ruppiah? kekek...