Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Daily Routine

It always the same thing lately. Just because I am now doing my ground training. So the first two weeks would be the boring self study at the training centre. 

I normally would wake up around 7 in the morning. What I usually do is to go and make myself a fresh juice. I think by now the neighbours are used to the loud blander noise from me. Cookies is a must for me to have too. 

So showering part no need to explain I guess. I need at least 30 minutes to shower and groom. I think the time I spend for it is still insufficient. 

Driving out to the centre would supposely take me around 20 minutes. However due to the early morning rush, I would normally arrive a little bit late than usual. There is no specific time to be at the centre so if you are late, nobody would scold or notice you at all. 

So what I normally do there? Well as a lazy person I am, I would just sit and do nothing most of the time. I also would go and disturb my fellow friends who busy studying so I could kill my time. If still bored, I would go to the lounge and had a break. Normally two or three times with 30 minutes minimums time spend. Oh ya. Not to forgot the iPhone time and the nap time. 

Don't worry folks. It may sound so relax but I know what I am doing. ;)

Go home always early than normal people. I don't want to stuck in the traffic jam. Stressful.

Reach home. Nap time again. Then by the time I woke up it's already dinner time. Yeay!

Hang out with friends at night mostly. If they are not free, I will force them. If still not free, next victim will be called. :)

What time do I sleep normally? After 12am.

Ok then. That's my day everyday for this two weeks. Next week would be a different story to tell.

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Shake Trees said...

do take this opportunity to rest. :)