Wednesday, September 15, 2010

New House

True what some said. My mother just need some time to herself to think about me moving out. I can't force her to it. Even though she keep saying stuff to made me changed my mind, I still told her I would still be moving out.

Up to last week, she finally said to me she approved me of living away from her. She didn't set any rules yet for me but I think she will slowing add it in from time to time. Just for now she wanted me to come home as much as possible even it is only for one night.

Right now, she even helping me with the household items and also buying the furnitures. I think she already starting to accept that it is time for me to leave the nest and be independent.

I am glad she happy with my decision now. At least I won't have to feel sad and guilty all the time knowing she is unhappy.

Thanks mom!

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Antinous said...

It's a universal thing for moms to be like that upon knowing her child wanna move out. She's great to come to terms with it and commendable for seeking out household items for ya, gotta <3 mom!