Saturday, March 31, 2012

Life Update 2

Exam is coming up in two weeks time. I should be studying by now but still I don't have the will to open any books to read. Maybe April 1st would be a good time to start. Just giving myself a break for a day or two this time.

I realized that I managed to archived some of the new year resolution already. I was happy with such achievement. After all I created a whole bunch of target just to keep myself going. Personally it's a good way for people who is as lazy as I am to make myself useful.

I do love giving donation. My problem was it did not recognize by the government the last time I did as they said the orphanage and school did not apply for the tax rebate from the IRS. So instead of just helping me to fix the mistake, the IRS charged me RM300 as compound saying I falsify my tax. It's just made me sad and I cancel all my auto-debit donations to all charity. I decided to just give directly to the homes things they can use instead of money now. It's sad that when you try to help other, you got fine for it.

My sales at the moment already reached RM4700 and it just two months since I started doing the business. Although the profit is not that much, I am just happy that I could reach my target beyond my expectations. So I am preoccupied mostly trying to broaden my scope of products. See how the market are.

I need a break. A proper break. I wish someone would help me planned all my holiday for me and I just relax enjoying it. I'm a planner so I am still the best at doing all the planning. I did gave my friend a try to plan for our trip and I had to take over once we were lost. Yeah! I purposely go with the plan until I see it's critical before I jumped in. I'm just very detail when it come to planning. No matter how lazy i say I am, I would still end up making the proper plan for my trip.

Maybe I have OCD?

Maybe I am a perfectionist?

To be continue.....


ooi2009 said...

i ni hensem tak ? cakaplahhhh

Klein said...

Good for you :p

Adam bin Ahmad said...

i can plan your holiday. easy peasy. hahaha