Thursday, July 28, 2011

Damn Hole

Pulling out the wisdom tooth was not so bad after all. I heard so many unpleasant story about it. The pain. The swelling. So much to bear.

Surprisingly for me, I did not feel any of it at all. It's either the dentist was good at doing the procedure or the painkiller was to powerful or I just ran out of pain nerves. Still its a good thing as I don't have to endure much agony of the pain. 

Now, the only problem I found annoying is the hole left from the tooth area. It's look like small but food keep getting stuck in it. I always having hard time getting the food out from it. 

I tried using my tongue which was the useless choice of all. Then I use the tooth pick with ended up poking the gum like a needle piercing to the skin (painless though). Then my last resort was using the tooth brush to dig it out. The tooth brush kind of dangerous as I think there is a possible chance of me tearing my gum (Ok fine. I exaggerate a little bit).

I wonder if there an easiest solution to this problem? Anyone care to shade some light over here?

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Brainy Smurf said...

as time moves on, the hole there will be flat. and when you are used to it, no food will stuck in it anymore.
you can gargle, this is much painless