Friday, August 12, 2011

Stressly Excited

Ok. I got leave approved for October. I'm actually very excited about it. Ya la. First time I can actually plan early where I want to travel. Usually I just make an illegal trip (illegal is just word ok not real one). Feeling lucky and nervous at time scared I got stuck and cant go back and I have to work on the next day. That would be trouble. So much trouble. 

Back to the leave and holiday stuff. I have absolutely no idea where to go. I wanted to do the Asia trip as I only have one week of leave. The problem to that I already flown to most of the places. So I might need to sketch that one out. KIV it for now.

So where should I go.

Planning for holiday is one of the main cause of stress. Some shrink told me about it. I can't remember who but someone. Hahaha. So this would not be good at all. 

Darn it. 

Can't make up my mind where to go. Oh well, I could just stay at home and relax. De-stress. Hahaha.