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Saturday, July 2, 2011


New wisdom tooth just came out and it giving a hard time. 

Everyday it's getting painful and painful. Sadly I don't have any day off which enable me to extract this tooth. To be exact I need to take out 3 teeth but doctor say must do one by one. Put me to sleep and take out all. I won't know also. Hahaha. Let the suffering later.

So I am hoping i could do it this Monday. Pain or no pain I must do it. Try to see if my off day is sufficient. If not going to take MC. 


Pain la. Hate this pain. It's annoying.


dhep20 said...

u can try asam jawa, natural remedy. juz sapu at pain area.

ooi2009 said...

lalaala , sex sex sex

A.D. said...

ouchhh..i know the pain..had mine (3 of it) removed within 2 weeks.. T_T

AmeZac said...

dhep20: I believe in get over it once and for all...

ooi2009: Single... :(

A.D.: Hahaha.. Removing it one by one... Not so bad la...