Thursday, July 14, 2011

Tooth Fairy I Want Money

I finally got to pull out my wisdom tooth which giving me a hard time last week. So I force myself and look for a dental clinic which there is doctor who can do it for me. I don't mind paying at all.

After a brief search I managed to locate one at PJ. So without appointment I went straight to the clinic. Fortunately for me there are not many people waiting so I get to meet the doctor quite fast.

Show her my sad face and told her I'm willing to pay up front first before claiming to the company. She agreed to do the procedure.

Did the x-ray first so she know how to pull it out. The horror fun horror start when she going to inject me with the anaesthesia. I was so afraid it would be so painful. Then I asked her a silly question.

"How will the pain be? Like small ant bite or big ant bite?"

To her answer, "It's still ant right?"

It actually was painless. The total of 6 injections and I didn't really feel the pain. Good right? The procedure were fast and I get to keep my tooth.

Tomorrow will be doing another one. This time I think would be ore difficult compare to this one I had. We shall see...

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