Monday, July 18, 2011

Credit Card Collection (So Far)

After few years of consideration (Yeah right!) I had decided to cancel few of the card and maintain just limited number of it. What might the card be? Well basically like the radio said "ONE card is enough". I would say "Over my dead body". Where got enough if only ONE card? I use my card specifically for specific function.

Ok. Let get the details out.

1. Maybank2 Platinum Cards

Basically this is TWO cards. Visa and American Express. The best thing about it is the AMEX gives out 5x TPs and 5% cashback on weekends. Good deal right? So this card is a keeper for me. Currently Visa is the back up and AMEX is my primary card for any transaction. (Note: Image showing Mastercard as Maybank is promoting the card instead)

2. EON Visa Signature

Well, the only reason I'm keeping this card is because of its Priority Pass card which allows you to access any airport lounges worldwide. Definitely a must for me. Plus it does give out sort of "instant loan" with low interest fee. The downside is that I need to spend RM30000 per year to waived the annual fee. Since it's only my first year, I am going to see if they willing to waived it for me. If NOT, will have to let this card go.

3. CIMB Visa Signature

This is a premier card offered by CIMB which allows some discount offers higher than normal offers. In comparison to CIMB Visa Infite (which I wanted initially), I personally find it much better offer (if minus the fine dining privilege) [Changed my mind]. There is no annual fee for this card. Presently this card only serve for my GSC buy 1 free 1 promotion and as back up.

4. CIMB World Mastercard  and CIMB Visa Infinite [Pending approval]

As a compliment to my cards, if I were able to get this card, it would be an accomplishment for me as this would be the highest level of card in Malaysia. Beside the normal premier privilege, the card will also serve as my back up and Mastercard collection in event Visa or AMEX is not accepted by merchant.

Future cards?

So far I don't think I'm going to apply for any new cards even though I have an eye for HSBC and Citibank. Maybe when the offers are better or the necessity of me applying it, I will do it.


Little Prince said...

-.- are you planning on getting robbed?

thompsonboy said...

Funny boy, what has robbing gotta do with cards?

Ameer Zachery said...

Little Prince: No la. I also have insurance for my wallet for such event. *touch wood*

Thompsonboy: Stealing of cards still possible I guess but of course we usually cancel it straight away if we lost it. Who knows. Who knows. :)