Monday, July 19, 2010

You Should Be Getting Married Then

This is a conversation I had with my mom yesterday. It was in Malay but to make it easy I will translate it to English (some words will still remain in Malay).

Mom: What with the ustaz telling you to 'mandi wajib' yesterday?
Me: Ya lar who know maybe because I wake up every morning 'stim' only. Thats why lar.
Mom: Sure or not you not watching porn in your room.
Me: Ish. Where got.
Mom: Like that then you should be getting married already. Shouldn't hold it.
Me: OMG mom.

My mom normally very open on some stuff but I still normally don't feel comfortable talking about it with her. Hahaha.

For those who don't know what is 'mandi wajib', click here (Malay version) of explanation. Sorry I can't find the English version of explanation.


Danny said...

hmm.. interesting conversation...
won;t see it happening between me n my mom ;p

RAWNA said...

aha.ur mom agak cool la.

Adrian said...

hahaha that's 1 hack of a coversation... i like the statement "shouldn't hold it",,LOL

simonlover said...

U told ur mum u hv morning erections ah?...SO modern eh ur mum! =)

:: arLynnE :: said...

am i the only girl commenting this?
... i'll be quiet then.

Ameer Zachery said...

Danny: Are you sure? Maybe your mom haven't asked you why? ;)

k.A: Yeah. She normally is.

W;Hidney: Lol. Enjoying it while it last. Bole?

A.D: This can consider normal conversation already between me my mom I guess most of the time.

simonlover: I just told her what she want to know. Lazy to argue.

arLynnE: Lol..