Thursday, July 8, 2010

Mimie And Tiger

This is my brother's cats. The orange, black and white colour female cat is named Mimie while the grayish white male cat is named Tiger.

Somehow they like to sleep in my room and with me when ever I leave my room door open. However since I have sinus problem, I can't always let them into my room.

Aren't they sweet?


W. Hidney said...

dulu selalu bawak my cat; sinchan tido sama. paling best i can hug him dan dia akan tido kat situ sampai pagi. come morning, dia akan jadi my alarm clock sebab dia akan mengiau depan pintu, soh bukak pintu sebab dia nak kencing. huhu rindu kat sinchan

Ameer Zachery said...

Thats sweet.. This one sometimes only I let them in.. They like to sleep in my room.. So I just let them.. Hahaha.. ;)