Saturday, July 24, 2010

Leadership Camp A Goner

Hey. Miss me. I'm sure nobody does.

Ok. I was away for few days went to few places. I had some works need to be done. That is why I am not able to update my post.

Today actually I don't really want to update much. So just some brief information. On Thursday, I was gone to Leadership Camp at BTN Pulai Mountain. I wasn't told it was held there. I was actually force to go. I specifically asked where the location was and I was told it was some resort next to the beach.

Upon reaching the place I knew something was wrong already. So the next day I called my parent to picked me up as I started to fell sick. The whole time until I was home I was sick.

So thats about it. I will blog again when my mood is ok.


Lucifer said...

i do miss u =p

Mr.D said...

BTN? omg.

Ameer Zachery said...

Lucifer: Yeah right? Never call, never sms.. Anyway, next time come down we go yum char.

Mr. D: Why lar?