Thursday, April 8, 2010

Vein Vs Vain

I don't really know what to do right now. I just feel like giving up with both the medicine and the doctor. Until when should I endure this headache. I mean come on. Haven't the doctor figure out what is wrong with me?

It always the same answer from them. Migrain. Migrain. Migrain. If it were true. How come the medicine that I had been taking didn't work on me at all and only make it worse. We had been changing medicine and doubling the doses for so many time already. I am not a guinea pig. At least give me something you can move forward with.

The doctor only treat the symptom but not the cause. So what the point if it keep making me suffer the pain. Yes, again I know a lot more people suffer a lot more worst than I am but I am talking about me now. I don't think people could imagine how painful it is. I always put a smile on my face so people won't know about it. (Pretending is always the best than gaining sympathy right?)

I always being quiet in my room all the time but the fact is I was actually trying to hide the fact that I am in pain. (Thats why my mother always scolded me.) I had to take the painkiller silently but it is also no use at this point. It doesn't work anymore.

All I wanted is to be as I used to be again and to be able to start working. For how long more?

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