Sunday, April 11, 2010

Up In The Air

The movie is about the real situation that been going on in this world right now. Lets not focus on the George Clooney for now (He did a very good job in this movie). We are talking about the situation where people get fired from their job. The world is falling into recession and the director did a very good job in telling the people the real and hard life we are living now.

For those who might not know or notice, some of the actors and actresses they used on the movie are real people who actually recently was fired from their former company. The lines that you hear are actually real script of their own. Not in writing but its everything that they wanted to say to the world on how they feel.

It is sad. It is fact.

For those who haven't watch this movie yet, go and watch it. It not a happily ever after but it a reminder to all of us. Rating 8/10.

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