Sunday, April 11, 2010

Round The World Trip Plan

I was thinking for a plan to go around the world on November [Postponed: Subject to official duty start again]. I know it still a long way to go but I need to plan for it now. It is after all around the world trip.

I would be covering the northern hemisphere side of the world. So the continent cover would be Asia, Europe and North America.

Planning stage I was thinking of going to Bangkok, Zurich, Amsterdam, New York, Los Angeles and South Korea. The airlines involves namely would be Thai Airways, Swiss International, KLM, Delta Air Lines, United Airlines, Asiana Airlines and Korean Airlines.

All this is only planning and subject to my leave approval and my health condition. I do hope everything could go well and as plan.

Anyone like to join me (at your own cost of course)?


William said...

Ingatkan you sponsor!

ikanbilis said...

I would love to but I'm planning for one next April after I grad.


God knows how I'm going to be able to fund myself. LOL..

W. Hidney said...

GMG-KUL-GMG every weekend

AmeZac said...

William: I also tengah kunmpul duit.. :D

ikanbilis: thats a cool trip.. I'm sure you need more than a month to complete all of it.. Even for me, I had to do it in 3 weeks.

W.Hidney: Thats a good one. BTW do you know that GMG is actually an airline.. ;)

W. Hidney said...

what airline? enlighten me please

AmeZac said...

W.Hidney: The airlines names are already posted on the post. If you want to know more about the particular airline, you could check out their website linked on the widget located at the right of this blog.

ramzylee said...

i wanna join...
can i.?
I got all the money but I have no guts on goin all alone abroad..