Thursday, April 1, 2010

Needle Pain Not

I hate needle. Still I need to get the vaccine. It's free after all. I asked the nurse and she said if I were to go out and get it myself, the vaccine would cost me RM220. Such a tiny bottle could cost so much.

As a needle hater myself, I would try to talk myself out of it. I don't like the feeling of that thing poking inside of my arm. The nurse reassure me that they are using a number 25 needle which is very small. I tried number 22 needle before and I know how it feel.

I said to myself, "What the heck. Since I'm here already might as well do it."

It was painless. The injection I mean. The vaccine effect only start to show after 30 minutes. They gave me Panadol just in case I have fever in this one or two days. Now if only they told me I could have fever. I thought only numbness at the arm. Still can feel it.

So far so good. Nothing serious yet. I hope it stays that way. Oh ya. The vaccine is actually for H1N1 and since my job requires me to travel a lot, it a must for me to take it (willingly and not by force - consent signed).

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