Saturday, February 13, 2010

So Do You Know Me Well?

Here something to make thing interesting. I am going to do a quiz and the prizes for this quiz are...

1 X RM 10 KFC Voucher and RM 10 McDonald Voucher.

The first FIVE people who answer all of it correctly will receive these vouchers (Cool right?). The answer must be submitted to my email only (which can be found in this blog) together with your full name, address and contact number.

*Terms and Conditions apply.

1. What is my Full Real Name? [Since some really don't know the answer]

2. What is my Greatest Fear?

3. How old am I in year 2010?

4. What Zodiac am I in Chinese and Western? [Really hard to guess if you don't have me on Facebook]

5. What is my Occupation?

Terms and Conditions:
- Not applicable to my best friends, family and relatives.
- Not applicable for those staying outside of Malaysia.
- Not counted if answer submitted through Post Comment.
- Winners will be notified by email/SMS and will posted here after the closing date.
- If nobody could answer all correctly, the winner will be chosen based on the most correct answer he/she have.
- Closing date is 20 February 2010.


Little Crown Prince said...

-.- omg u very lapang loh.

W. Hidney said...

i would answer this if the price is like, a nite stay in marriot with complementary spa, ride on a full-stretch limo, fancy dinner in a high-end restro and of course a chance to sit on a jump-seat

AmeZac said...

Little Crown Prince: yup.. really got nothing to do at home.. hahaha..

W.Hidney: well.. nie ajer leh offer.. kalo xnak xpe.. :P