Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Perry Jackson And The Lightning Thief

Now they make movie about anything. Nothing is impossible nowadays. So this time it about ancient Greek Gods and Goddess. It is a very interesting movie to watch. However, in my opinion the movie is a bit slow in the storyline part. It is a little bit predictable and a lot being cut short due to the short movie time.

I am not going to tell how the story goes about but I do want to say I like this kind of movie. Fantasy genre suit me very well. I hope they have sequel for it due time soon. I still know it is impossible as the storyline can't really go that far.

Overall I can say it a ok type of movie. I would give 6.5/10 rating for it. So see it and rate it for yourself.

Full detail of the story in Wikipedia. [Don't say I didn't warn ya]

Post Sriptum: Eventhough having god like power is cool, I still think Vampires are cooler.

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