Thursday, February 18, 2010

ZED Fare List

This probably only applicable to people who work in my company and served only as guidance. Please check with your company for your actual pricing.

To be really precise, you need to check again with ticketing. They the one who have the latest pricing.

For those who don't really understand the term of ZED, please do check it HERE or HERE. The explanation is quite detail and informative to all. Be noted that the pricing I have and applicable/related to me is ZM. I don't have ZL or ZH pricing.

The fare exclude any relevant taxes. So you need to add the tax required when you calculate the fare in order to get the exact amount.
Total Fare = ZED + Tax(s) 

Last update/checked on 30.03.2011.

1 / 0001-0450 / 29
2 / 0451-0750 / 31
3 / 0751-1600 / 41
4 / 1601-3200 / 58
5 / 3201-4080 / 64
6 / 4081-5000 / 76
7 / 5001-6100 / 83
8 / 6101-7100 / 111
9 / 7101-9999 / 111

Mileage Calculator ::Click Here::

[20.03.2010] Note: ZED Fare Table obtained from US Airways as shown.

[23.05.2010] Guide on checking/buying the ZED fare flight scenario:

Case 1: EK404 DXB/SIN/MEL. Total distance cover is 7380 miles. This flight can be purchase for Zone 9 even though it has a stop at SIN. The fare is only USD105 (excluding tax). This is due to the fact that the flight number is the same and it can be checked in at the origin to final destination in single shot.

Case 2: EK348 DXB/SIN EK404 SIN/MEL. Total distance cover is 7380 miles (breakdown distance of DXB/SIN is 3630 miles and SIN/MEL is 3750 miles). Even though the flight also ends at the same destination which is MEL and with same total distance as Case 1, separate ticket had to be bought due to change of flight/aircraft. This is flight for Zone 5 both priced at USD66 each. The total fare for the tickets are USD 132 (excluding tax).

Case 3: QF009 MEL/SIN/LHR. Total distance cover is 10510 miles (breakdown distance of MEL/SIN is 3750 miles and SIN/LHR is 6760 miles). Since the total distance for this route is more than 9999 miles, the fare for the flight ticket has to be separated into two even though it is the same case as Case 1 (which has same flight number and no change of aircraft). This is due to the fact that the maximum distance for Zone 9 is 9999 miles. So the applicable Zone is Zone 5 and Zone 8 priced at USD66 and USD105. The total fare for the tickets is USD171 (excluding tax).

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