Friday, December 25, 2009

Going Place Around The World

This would be a summary on places I had been for the year 2009. I just want to post it up as a reminder for myself as well because I am such a forgetful person.

1. Hong Kong

This would be my first visit to Hong Kong. Believe it or not, somehow I manage to understand every word the people talks. I guess it all because of my "passion" toward Hong Kong film made me learn their language - Cantonese.

It was an enjoyable trip as I got upgraded to Suite room. Perhaps I was lucky that day. Hong Kong has easy access to places around just by using their public transport. It is all connected. What I love the most is the ferry trip at night with the skyscrapers lighted with colourful lights. They call it A Symphony of Lights. It was nicely done.

Shopping was fun, however you have to be good at bargain especially at their markets as the mock up price can be high. The shopping district is just a stone away from all their trains and trams station. It sure is convenience.

Places of interest in Hong Kong just to name a few is the Disneyland and The Peak.

More Info @ Discover HongKong

2. Phuket Island

Phuket Island is located south of Thailand. It is a very beautiful and relaxing place to be. The people are nice but you have to be careful with scammers. They lurk everywhere. It a place to unwind with their beautiful beaches and a lots of place for a good massage. It is cheap also.

There are a lot of fake items being sold along the beach. Be sure to bargain for a good deal if you want to buy it. What I still like the most is the beach. I stayed at The Royal Palm Beach Front which located exactly in front of the beach and easy access to food shop. The cost of staying is cheap as I got a good deal with them. Don't worry, you will definitely fall in love with the room and not going to regret it.

I booked for tours when I was in Phuket Island myself. It easy and the good thing is I get a very good deal on everything. So why not try that White Water Rafting at Phang Nga or Phuket Fantasea for a cultural show or Dive In at Coral Island.

A trip I recommend for all my friends.

More Info @ Asia Web: Phuket

3. Bangkok

The city never dies. The people are so friendly and their culture are so vast. It's hard to describe how good to be at Bangkok. I took the river cruises and borrowed a bicycle for free for the tour around the city. A lot of temples and a lot of museums to visit.

The easy way to travel around Bangkok is via their MRT. It is cheap and convenient too. I went to Siam Paragon whereby their largest by far I ever seen in Bangkok. The ambiance look more or less like Pavilion, KL but its three times better. What to do there? Shopping with Tourist Discount and movies at IMAX and Cinema. Superbly high class experience.

The night is always young in Bangkok. Place to go is Patpong night market. Here you can virtually bargain for the maximum lowest price you can imagine of. If you fail, there are plenty other vendors selling the same thing. You can try your luck else where. One thing also, Patpong is famous with their night life. That is why it is called the red light district. Lots and lots of go go bar there. If you are not interested, be firm when saying NO to them.

4. Melbourne

The one city where I will never miss to go every year. I have no idea why I love this city very much. Perhaps it is because of their people or perhaps I just like the way of living there.

If anyone were to ask me on places to go, I would say Melbourne. I had been in all their season, Fall, Winter, Summer, Spring. You named it. There are a lot of place to visit at Melbourne but I normally go there to relax and shop. The price is cheap I say as most of the items sold came direct from the factory.

Once I did a crazy thing by going there and stay for just two nights. What I do? Movie and Clubbing. Crazy huh?

More Info @ Visit Melbourne

5. Coming Soon: Singapore

Post Scriptum: All pictures were taken by me personally. 


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well written, well travelled, well rounded-up! hopefully u'll have a well 2010 ahead

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thank you very much...