Sunday, December 27, 2009

Guest House For The Guest

My family house is located very far from the city. More often than not, people who came here had to drove for almost two hours just to get to this place.

So my family and I decided that we should do something about it. Since our house cannot accommodate a whole new family, we bought a new house where we use it as our Guest House. This time when friends and relatives come for a visit, they no longer need to go back on the same day. They could plan for a night or two and stay here at the Guest House.

Its a simple house located just three minutes away by car from my family house. It has a lake view and the best part is our house is actually minutes away from the beach. More reason for us to ask our guest to stay so they could relax and have fun either at the beach or at the lake.

To all my friends, be sure to bring that extra clothes for you to wear when you come to my house. I am sure you going to enjoy it here at my place.

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