Saturday, December 26, 2009

Change Of Content In My Wardrobe

I definitely need to change everything I have at the moment to something new. Perhaps I will put it as must To-Do list for next year. I think my wardrobe is dull. Everything I have at the moment is considered outdated already. As for my old clothes, I will donate it to the needy. It will definitely do more help for them. It is the least I can do.

Well, now I need to calculate my budget for the wardrobe. I am pretty sure it going to cost me a fortune. So time to save up some money and hopefully there will be sales next year. For at least I could get the apparels for a lesser cost.

Hmm. Now I also need to find a Personal Shopper who can tag along and help me choose the correct attire to buy. Someone who really good at this buying stuff. If I were to go myself, I will choose to buy based on quantity and not quality. Anything that looked nice to me and cheap I will definitely grab it fast. This time I would go for something smart but yet casual. Anyone free and interested perhaps? =D


Ed said...

haiyoooh....u know this is my expertise! just text me when u feel like shopping ok?!

W. Hidney said...

oooo i'm an expert in shopping. i have an eye for style. calling2...