Monday, December 28, 2009

My Year 2010 Target

Every year people will try to create a target for them to achieve for the following year. I, myself will do it every year even though not all of the plan will go well. The thing to it is that we have something to keep us going and move forward. Otherwise, we all will end up going backward instead with our life. Do correct me if I am wrong but this is just my opinion.

Here are my list of target which I will try to achieve if not all perhaps some of it will also do:

1. Complete my training. As most of you know, I am currently undergoing conversion training right now. However, due to some unforeseen circumstances I am not able to complete it yet. My target is to finish it by June 2010.

2. Stay healthy all the time. I might not be able to achieve this instantly as it depend entirely on my body to heal. As for now, my target is to stay healthy when ever I can and try to do a bit more of exercises based on my body limitation. I can't overexert or I might make the condition worst. This would be an ongoing target for me.

3. Buy a new car. I was thinking about this for quite sometime already. However, a lot of things been stopping me from achieving it. My dream car for now is Mazda6. It could change depending on the current situation. I might get something near or similar to the original car if I did not manage to get one. My target is to buy the car by September 2010. All depend on my financial situation as well.

4. Obtain World Mastercard and Visa Infinite credit card. I have been planning to get this two cards the moment I saw it on the internet. I just can't resist on having both of the cards. It is not because of the privileges that attract me but more on the design itself. I have been trying to call the bank to help me by reducing the criteria but still no avail to it. They said it a strict regulation from the BNM but I would think otherwise. My target is to get both of the cards by mid August 2010.

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