Friday, January 5, 2018

New Year 2018

The last time I created the New Year Resolution was in 2013. Thus, I believe it is time again for me to set the new resolution based on things I wish to achieved in 2018 and also part of my new bucket list. I hope I am able to manage to get as much as possible done in the next 365 days of 2018. It's going to be a busy year for me. Wish me luck!


Travel with Five Different Airlines
Travel to Five New Cities (Excluding Home Country) Around the World
Travel and Stay at 10 New Cities Around My Home Country - Malaysia 
Travel to South America
Travel on a Cruise Ship

Finance + Luxury

Be a Self-Made Millionaire
Charter a Yacht
Create a Passive Income
Earn 6 Figures Per Year
Flip a House
Fly in a Private Jet
Get Paid to Travel
Have 3 Months of Bills in Savings
Have a Housecleaner
Have a Positive Net Worth
Have No Credit Card Debt
Hire a Personal Shopper
Investment Top Up 6 Figures in Cash.
Make a Will
Order Room Service
Own Tiffany Jewelry
Own Investment Real Estate
Play the Stock Market
Sleep on Satin Sheets
Stay at an All-Inclusive Resort
Start A Business
Sell Something on the Internet
Stay in a 5-Star Resort


Give Out 10 Birthday Present to Close Friend and Family.
Hangout With My Best Friends at Least Twice This Year.
Plan a Holiday with Friends

Entertainment + Adventure

Attend an Orchestra Symphony
Complete a 1000-Piece Jigsaw Puzzle
Feed a Deer
Ride a Zip Line
See a Broadway Show
See Cirque du Soleil Show

Personal Growth

Attend a Random Free Seminar
Do 24-Hours of Silence
Do a Charity Walk
Do a Random Act of Kindness
Donate 100,000 Grains of Rice
Donate Books
Donate Clothing
Donate Toys at the Holidays
Entertain the Elderly at a Nursing Home
Feed a Homeless Person
Get a College Degree
Give Someone a Hug
Give Up Your Seat to Someone
Help an Endangered/Injured Animal
Help Someone Who is Lost
Help Someone With a Check on Their Bucket List
Learn a New Software Program
Learn Conversational Foreign Language
Learn the Alphabet in Sign Language
Learn the Heimlich Manuever
Learn to Say “Hello” in 10 Languages
List 10 Things I am Grateful For Each Day
Make a Significant Change in Someones Life
Master a New Language
Pay the Bridge Toll for the Person Behind Me
Plant a Tree
Put Change into Someones Expired Meter
Read a Banned Book
Read a Classic Novel
Read a Story to a Child
Read a Trilogy
Say “Thank You” in 10 Languages
Serve Food at a Soup Kitchen
Send Flowers to Myself
Spend a Day Helping at a Children’s Hospital
Spend the Entire Day By Myself
Spend a Week at a Silent Retreat
Sponsor a Child’s Wish through the Make-a-Wish Foundation
Start a Charity
Teach a Class
Unplug for a Week
Volunteer at a Pet Shelter
Volunteer at an Orphanage

Food + Drink

Bake a Cake for Someone Special
Bake a Loaf of Bread
Boil a Live Lobster
Bottle a Recipe & Sell it
Catch, Cook & Eat a Fish
Cook a Traditional Dish from a Different Culture
Cook Every Dish in One Cookbook
Cook With my Partner
Create a New Ice Cream Flavor
Create Food Art
Create Latte Art
Create my Own Cocktail
Create my Own Recipe
Create my Signature Dish
Eat an Insect
Eat Caviar
Eat Fondue
Partake in Afternoon Tea
Order One of Everything on a Menu
Start a Herb Garden
Host a Dinner Party
Write a Cookbook


Achieve my Ideal Weight
Bowl a Strike
Bowl a Turkey (3 Strikes in a Row)
Climb an Indoor Rock Wall
Complete a Ropes Course
Dive Off the High Diving Board
Do a Color Run
Do a Handstand
Do a Themed Run
Drink only Water for a Week
Fly a Kite
Get Admitted to Hospital Less or None
Limit to Two Fast Food Meal Per Month
Participate in a 5k Race


Less Sick Day Leave

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