Wednesday, January 24, 2018

My Mother The Traveller

My mother and I share the same interest when it come to travelling. She too used to travel a lot during her younger days. That is why she joined the airlines. Well not as the cabin crew but as an IT officer. She still gets the perks to travels same as any employee of the airlines. 

So when I was small I had the chance to travel around the would with my parents. Most of it I am not able to remember as I was still too young but there are a lot of photos we took and kept so I could be reminded on the journey. 

Now my mom especially still love to travel and most of the time I would bring her around travelling the world to new places which she never been before. She loves to travel with me as I am an excellent planner and she could take her own sweet time to move around. She is getting old so she can’t really walk that fast anymore. That is why she never liked to travel with tours. It is better to travel on our own and take our time and make our own plans. 

My dad, well he doesn’t share the same passion as me and my mother. However, I would still bring him around sometimes. They have cats and lots of cats so they have to alternate travelling with me all the time. 

Where to next?

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