Wednesday, January 3, 2018

My Bucket List - Revision 2017

• Travels to different countries around the world. Total 45 of 196 countries.
• Travel to continent of Asia.
• Travel to continent of Oceania.
• Travel to continent of Europe.
• Travel to continent of North America. 
• Travel to continent of South America. 
• Travel to continent of Africa.
Travels with different airlines.
• Visit Chichen Itza.
Visit Taj Mahal.
• Visit Christ the Redeemer.
• Visit Colosseum.
• Visit Great Wall of China.
• Visit Machu Piccu.
• Visit Petra.
• Visit Great Pyramid of Giza.
Visit Acropolis of Athens.
• Visit Alhambra.
Visit Angkor Wat.
• Visit Eiffel Tower.
Visit Hagia Sophia.
• Visit Kiyomezu-dera.
• Visit Moai.
• Visit Neuschwanatein.
• Visit Red Square.
Visit Statue of Liberty.
• Visit Stonehenge.
• Visit Sydney Opera House.
• Visit Timbuktu.
• Visit Antarctica.
• Visit Amazon river.
• Visit Vatican City.
• Visit African Safari.
• Visit Santorini.
See Aurora Borealis (Norway).
• See Great Barrier Reef (Australia).
• See Uluru (Australia).
• See Carnival de Rio (Brazil).
• See Niagara Falls (Canada).
• See Leaning Tower of Pisa (Italy).
• See Grand Canyon (USA).
• See New Orleans's Mardi Gras (USA).
• See Tulips Festival (Netherlands).
• Fly in Economy Class.
• Fly in Business Class.
• Fly in First Class/Suite.
• Fly in a private jet.
• Fly in a helicopter.
• Fly in a jet fighter.
• Take a cruise.
• Cruise Nile River.
• Swim with Dolphins.
• Swim with Sharks.
• Swim in Dead Sea.
• Ride roller coaster.
• Do sky diving.
• Do bungee jumping.
• Do white water rafting.
• Do snow skiing.
• Climb a mountain.
• Go to Disney World Resort Florida.
• Go to Disneyland California.
Go to Disneyland Tokyo.
• Go to Disneyland Hong Kong.
• Go to Disneyland Resort Paris.
Go to Universal Orlando Resort.
• Go to Universal Studios Hollywood.
• Go to Universal Studios Japan.
• Go to Universal Studios Singapore.

• Write my will.
Buy my dream house.
• Buy a shop.
• Buy a diamond.
• Buy my dream car.
• Buy an airplane.
• Own 5 properties.
Own 10 properties.
• Own 20 properties.
• Own 30 properties.
• Own 40 properties.
• Own 50 properties.
• Hold RM100,000 saving cash.
• Hold RM250,000 saving cash.
Hold RM500,000 saving cash.
• Hold RM1,000,000 saving cash.
• Hold RM2,500,000 saving cash.
• Hold RM5,000,000 saving cash.
• Start my own business.
• Hire people to work under me.
• Hire Personal Assistance.
• Make profit of RM5,000 in a year.
Make profit of RM10,000 in a year.
• Make profit of RM25,000 in a year.
• Make profit of RM50,000 in a year.
• Make profit of RM100,000 in a year.

Organize a charity event.
• Sponsor a child.
• Donate blood.
Make a different in someone's life.

• Get a degree.
• Get a Master.
• Get a PhD.
• Get an MBA.
• Learn Mandarin.
• Learn French.
• Learn Japanese

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