Thursday, March 31, 2011

Immediate Leave

I was informed a week ago about the requirement for me to go on a leave. A mandatory leave. This is because I had not been using my annual leave for the past two years. It is all very last minute and since it is mandatory, I had to abide with it.

My leave supposed to start from 1-21 April. However, my off days started few days ago giving me a total of 25 days of free days.

So my plan at the moment is to fly off to visit few cities mainly Penang, Guangzhou and Abu Dhabi. I know I had been talking about my financial situation and I should not be going for a trip like this. This probably going to be my last trip for this year as I won't be able to apply for any new leave already. Plus, I am just going to spend as little as possible. So definitely no shopping. Just sightseeing.

Brief itinerary on the trips:-

4-7 April
Penang is for visiting my relative and pass them the wedding invitation. I'm not the one who is getting married. My brother is. I just the representative on behalf of my family. It a custom for us I believe to go to the house and personally invite them to come.

10-13 April
Guangzhou is for shopping. My mom. She wanted to buy some stuff and it's either Medan or somewhere in China. So we pick China instead. I don't know how much she will be spending for this trip. Both of us have not been to Guangzhou before. I wonder how it going to be when we are there.

15-18 April
Abu Dhabi is because my friend is having a meeting over there. The trip is fully sponsored by his company I guess so I only need to pay for the flight ticket and meal. When else I can visit Abu Dhabi if not now. The hotel was really nice and I heard the city is very modern. I can't wait to fly there.

So far right now I am doing some reading and planning for Guangzhou and Abu Dhabi. I don't like to travel blindly.

I will definitely post about the trips when I return home.


Little Prince said...

u might die in guangzhou if you don't speak chinese... i almost did even tho i speak the language... >.<

ooi2009 said...

in china dont bother speaking english la

Ameer Zachery said...

Little Prince & ooi2009: Hahaha.. I guess I need to use sign language then..

ooi2009 said...

my malay friend had to use sign language , coz even the top execs also cannot speak a word , thank god im a malaysian cina , die also dowan go there to live

Ameer Zachery said...

ooi2009: That's what we call once in a lifetime experience. I'm sure it going to be fun surviving there. Hahaha.

ooi2009 said...

but u will be suprised how their attitude is compared to local malaysian cina .They are less racist than us locals,in malaysia , many friends will diss and condemn others , but china , they will be more humble .The beauty of mainland attitude

Adam bin Ahmad said...

post some pictures tooo!