Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Human Contact

It actually good to have some one around to talk to. It doesn't mean that person has to help you solve your problem. Just to listen would be just enough sometime.

I for once has been lack of having human contact lately. I spend most of my time at home reading my manual/book until my brain is numb. I have no time to go out and if I were to go out it would be me settling some official works.

So it is nice if a friend would drop by at my place for a drink and chat. It really makes me happy actually. Just having someone presence nearby you. Plus, you could talk to your friend and catch up on things that you missed.

I know no problem can be solve immediately just like that. However, I do felt a bit relieve as I am able to say what I want to say in my mind. What ever the problems I am having will always be hanging. So there nothing much can be done. Just needing an ear to listen.

Great to catch up with friends.


tuls said...

no prob.. thanks for listening to mine jugak.. :)

issac liew said...

hey man, i just staying next to your taman,

Ameer Zachery said...

tuls: :))

issac: Ya hor.. Luper pulak.. Hahaha..