Monday, March 7, 2011

I Broke Officially

Yes people. I have to admit it. I am officially broke. After long continuous spending done for all this few months, my salary is actually lower than my expenditure.

So I need to stop spending (so to say) for the next few months until I am able to control back the finance. My target would be six months. I do hope so. Otherwise I am dead.

All credit cards are off the wallet and down into the drawer where it is safely hid from my view. I should keep it in ice block. Look more drastic right?

Anyway, I already planned my payment tiers for my credit cards and if everything as plan I will be on the safe level soon. Safe only but not out of debt. Yeah. I spend too much lately. Stress buying? Is that acceptable excuse?

On the other note, I 'accidentally' applied for new credit cards knowing that they won't approve it. Somehow, the bank officer did something to help give extra points and the credit department actually approved it. Paiseh!!! I know I know. Someone scolded me already. =)


Danny said...

wow 6 months?
gd idea freezing it in the ice block.. cos it will be more dramatic when you crush it ;p
good luck :)

Chen Xing said...

No point putting the cards in the ice block. With the Malaysian weather, it will just melt in no time.


But then I do believe that shopping cures almost anything.


Ameer Zachery said...

Danny: I think now maybe more.. Haihz..

Chen Xing: Hahaha.. Keep it in the fridge so it won't melt.. Shopping always makes the situation worst on this one.. :)